Tunisia: Great anger among families of the social protests’ detained for more than 6 months without trial in Manouba governorate.


Since last Thursday, the families of the “Batan” detainees of Manouba governorate organized an open-ended strike to ask for the release of their sons, whose number is 9 and who are still in detention without trial, following the social protests in the area of last January.

This protest movement aroused the sympathy of the people who supported the families financially and morally. It also raised the support of a number of civil, social and political associations and unions, headed by the Regional Labor Union in Manouba, which adopted the demands of the families and declared its bias towards the peaceful social protests initiated by the constitution and based on the struggle for dignity principle, employment and social justice.

The Regional Executive Office in Manouba called in a statement for a fair trial for the protesters and their rehabilitation, as well as, to release them as soon as possible, after that they have been arrested for six months. It accused the local, regional and central authorities for failing to take the right choices and face challenges such us development and employment.

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