A comprehensive strike will be held on the 1st of October, in Palestine to protest against the racist "Basic law"


All the Palestinian territories will launch a comprehensive strike on October 1st, rejecting the racist State-Nation law, which coincides with the commemoration of the 18th anniversary of the October ignition.

The Palestinian factions issued a statement during their meeting in Ramallah on Tuesday, in which they stressed the start of a unified stance against the law and "the carrying out of a unitary work that includes all the Palestinians." The meeting was "initiated by the follow-up committee, which had been endorsed at previous meetings with the secretariat. "

According to the statement, the national and Islamic forces and the follow-up committee of the Palestinian citizens in the occupational territories, expressed their categorical rejection and firm condemnation of the so-called the Zionist “Basic Law”, which was passed by the Knesset on 19 July 2018.

The statement stressed that this racist law, based on ethnic superiority and the denial of the existence of the Palestinian people and their rights to return, self-determination and having an independent state with “Al-Quds” as its capital under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization, its sole legitimate representative, and the denial of the national rights of the Palestinian and civil people in “Al-Jalil” and Triangle, “Al-Naqab” and Sahel. In fact, this law reveals the reality of the Zionist colonial settlement project, aimed at establishing the so-called Greater Israel between the sea and the river, at the expense of land and human sanctities, and through the uprooting and expulsion of indigenous people. Colonial settlement, aimed at establishing the so-called Greater Israel between the sea and the river, at the expense of land, man and sanctities, and through uprooting and expelling its indigenous inhabitants.

The High Follow-up Committee and the Palestinian factions called on the UN and its concerned institutions, international, continental and regional organizations, in addition to human rights organizations to "take responsibility for rejecting and condemning this racist law, which is contrary to the international and humanitarian principles, and the human rights law. "

It also called on the Palestinian people "inside and outside the homeland in camps, refuge areas and diaspora to carry out a mass strike along with various popular activities on October 1st, expressing the unity of our people and their struggle to topple this racist law and those who stand behind it. In fact, this law represents the American Deal of the Century, aiming at ending the Palestinian cause and the fragmentation of the region and its people, in addition to the continued dependence and the American Zionist domination on its ressources”.

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