The kidnapping of four foreign engineers in Libya


The management and execution department of the project of artificial river in Libya announced that an armed group kidnapped four foreign engineers in the southwestern west of the country last week. It also added that the gunmen broke into a project site and headed towards the residential building where foreign workers live. They kidnapped four foreign engineers, three from the Philippines and one from South Korea.

The company called on all security and official authorities in the southern region to urgently work for the release of the kidnapped foreign engineers, warning of the negative repercussions of such actions on the work and the maintenance, which would stop the water supply completely from the cities and agricultural projects in western Libya, especially in the capital Tripoli.

The four engineers were kidnapped two weeks after the release of three Turkish engineers and a South African engineer working for a Turkish company, that is working to complete the “Ubari gas “project to generate electricity in the southern city of Ubari. They were kidnapped for about eight months.

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