The arrest of a teacher over a Facebook post, in which he criticized the educational system in Egypt


The arrest of the teacher, “Ahmed Said”, a member of the Popular Socialist Party on Tuesday, who was accused of "spreading false news, disturbing the public peace, insulting and libel, as well as, spreading false news about the progress and developments of the education system in Egypt", following his criticism of the educational system on "Facebook".

The Minister of Education, “Tarek Shawqi”, issued a statement for the arrest of “Ahmed Said”, who was presented to the prosecution for insulting the minister of education and abusing the educational system in Egypt. He was detained for four days under investigation.

According to the Popular Socialist Alliance Party, “Ahmed Said” is distinguished in his work and has received many training courses since 2013, as he excelled in all the tests for measuring his efficiency, and was nominated to work as an assistant for the Minister of Education. However, when he started criticizing the policies of the ministry and the minister he was dismissed in July and accused of insulting the minister on Facebook. “Ahmed Said” denied this accusation and was dismissed from his work, in addition to the deduction of two months of his salary and the cancellation of his recruitment in the ministry. Moreover, he was under control at school, which led him to move to another school.

In the same context, the Popular Alliance Party revealed that the Minister of Education was the reason behind the imprisonment of five teachers so far for expressing their opinion. On September 8th, the police arrested a number of teachers’ trade union leaders, namely the educational expert Dr. “Mohamed Zahran”, Mr. “Yehia El Menshawi” and Mr. “Samir Al-Gharib” while they were at the Attorney General's office in Cairo to file an official communication accusing the Minister of Education, “Tarik Shawqi” and others in the Ministry of deliberately wasting the public money on the new project of the new educational system.

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