Kuwait decides to halt the appointment of expatriates in government jobs starting from April


The Kuwaiti government issued a decree to stop the appointment of expatriates in all the government departments starting from the new fiscal year 2019/2020, which will start on April 1.

This decision, issued by the Kuwaiti Cabinet, stipulates that exceptions won’t be accepted, as the government is seeking to raise the percentage ‘Kuwaitization’ in the ministries and government agencies to more than 90% by the end of the next fiscal year.

By the end of December 2018, the number of Kuwaiti civil servants was 360 000, representing more than 71% of the total number of employees, according to the General Administration of Statistics.

The Ministry of Finance figures show that the average salary of the expatriate in the government is $ 1500 per month. The government allocated $ 41 billion to the salaries and compensation of workers in the budget for the next fiscal year 2019-2020, with a 5% addition from the previous budget, which its salaries’ allocations amounted to 37.6 billion dollars.

Kuwait is seeking to accommodate all the growing numbers of young Kuwaiti graduates. In January, Kuwait issued a decree to amend the national employment rates in the private sector.

Experts say that he government is seeking to implement the ‘Kuwaitization’ policy in the government jobs, as well as to provide additional jobs for citizens in the private sector and to reduce the expatriate numbers, as part of a broader work plan to address the imbalance in the country's population.

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