Kuwait: The increasing in fees for the migrant workers is an unfair and unwise decision


Kuwait has issued new laws in light of the restriction on expatriate workers, especially those with low incomes.

The local media revealed that among the laws that make life and work in Kuwait difficult and expensive is the new health law, which has raised the cost of treatment to twice for the residents, in a way that burdens workers.

Kuwait's Health Minister, Bassel Al-Sabah, announced last Wednesday a ministerial decision to amend the cost of the reviewing of accidents and hospitals for residents, who are covered by the health insurance system to 10 dinars (33 dollars) instead of 5 dinars (17 dollars), as scheduled in 2017.

The Health Minister revealed in an official statement the reason behind this increase, saying that it comes to reduce the burden of the accident departments in hospitals, and their overcrowding. Moreover, it is also because of the ministry's desire to make patients visit their health care centres and benefit from the provision of their services and primary health care before going to the hospitals.

The decision to increase the fees on the expatriates was criticized by some activists in Kuwait, who described this decision as "ill-considered and unfair to expatriates, who pay health insurance" arguing that the increase is burdensome for them and for the nature of their simple work.

It is noteworthy that the percentage of expatriates in Kuwait is more than twice the number of citizens.

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