Yemen / Aden refinery: the establishments’ guards assault a worker and arrest a unionist, following the protests regarding the administration’s corruption


The establishments’ guards at Aden refinery attacked a worker of the refinery, inflicting him severe injuries, while some labour sources confirmed the arrest of the trade unionist, Najd Salem, who was taken to an unknown destination on June 3.

A trade union source revealed the details of this incident to “” and that the workers' committee had called for a strike, after the refinery’s refusal to meet its commitments and its deprivation of the workers’ dues, during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

The source added that the call for a strike carried out by the workers of the refinery came in protest against the continuation of corruption and the use of packing pumps illegally in favour of the trader Ahmed Issa, which affected the refinery and the workers.

A number of trade unionists expressed their condemnation of the assault carried out by the guards, accusing them of being responsible for the safety of the employees and the consequences they may face. They asked for the accountability and prosecution of the aggressors, who seek to silence and confiscate the rights of workers and their right to practice their trade union activities.

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