Qatar: The imprisonment and financial penalty as punishment for the non-adherence to the Wage Protection Act


Qatar's Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs published on its official Twitter’s page the punishment of the employers who do not adhere to the Wage Protection Law.

The penalties stipulated in the Labor Law that the prison punishment should not exceed one month, and a fine not less than 2000 Riyals and not exceeding 6000 Riyals, or one of these two penalties, for whoever violates any of the provisions of Article 66 of this law.

Article 66 states: "Wages and other amounts should be paid in Qatari currency and the wages of the employed workers should be paid at least once a year or monthly, and the wages of all the other workers should be paid at least once every two weeks.

The employer should also transfer the wage to the account of the worker in one of the financial institutions of the state, which would allow him to be paid within the scheduled time in accordance with the preceding two paragraphs, this is the only way to pay the workers in order to protect the workers’ wages

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