There is no progress in the plight of the crew of the Bahraini ship


The plight of the Bahrain's crew continues in Oman's seas and it is likely will not end, as the shipping company is involved in a financial crisis.

In our previous newsletter, we reported the suffering of the three crew members who docked the ship without fuel or electricity, after they were abandoned by their employers. According to reports, the Omani authorities did not supply them with electricity as it was said recently.

A crew member from Myanmar, a second engineer in the ship told the media that the situation had not improved and their conditions were harsh and did not even meet their minimum requirements. In fact, they had been in the ship for a long time and were unable to reach the land.

On the other hand, the head of the International Seafarers' Association “Ali Al-Ghawas” said that despite the company's efforts, there is no slightest progress in this because the company lacks the resources to settle the dispute, adding that the company cannot afford the money to pay them or their age. He pointed out that regardless of the financial crisis, the ship did not have enough crew to sail and the company could not find alternatives.

It is noteworthy that the sailors were originally a group of 18 employees of a Bahraini shipping company in the Middle East, 15 of them returned to their homes after receiving part of their salaries while 3 remained aboard the ship insisting on receiving their salaries in full, knowing that the crew includes Jordanian nationalities Syrian and the Republic of Myanmar.