The Algerian National Army retirees launch a protest in the capital and the security forces prevent them using force


On Monday (the 24th of September), the Algerian National Army retirees launched a march towards Algiers from "Housh Al-Makhfi" in the eastern city of Algiers, after a violent clash that resulted in the injury of many people on Sunday evening.

Violent clashes broke out on Sunday evening between the riot police of the National Gendarmerie and the National People's Army, who organized a strike in "Al-Makhfi" in “Al-Reghaia”, where the security forces used tear gas.

The entrances of the capital from the east are in big traffic due to the slow movement of cars caused by large number of security barriers on the roads for the army's retired soldiers’ march towards the capital.

Even at the western level, hundreds of gendarmes have been mobilized to prevent the protestors from reaching the heart of the capital. They tried to break through the security through the railways, but they were unable to do so because the riot police were everywhere.

It is noteworthy that the army retirees raise several demands for the reintegration of the soldiers whose age still allow them to return to the army. Moreover, they asked for the provision of the medical care for the ex-soldiers who have been injured during the period of their service, in addition to the increase in the pension grant and the improvement of the social care.

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