Jordan: A private school expels 3 teachers because of a parent’s threat to withdraw son from the school


Three teachers at a private school north of the capital, Amman, were surprised by the school administration’s decision to dismiss them, following a complaint from the mother of a student at the school.

According to the teachers in a media statement, the student’s mother threatened the school’s administration to withdraw her son from the school and to withdraw his school allowance of about 2500 dinars, if it does not immediately expel them.

They explained that the educational level of the student is very weak compared to his colleagues. However, his mother was not convinced with this and asked to dismiss the teachers, prompting the school administration to quickly expel them from their work. This delivered the message that the student’s money is more important than the teacher and that a teacher is threatened to be expelled at any time, in front of the parents’ threat to withdraw their children from school.

The teachers asked the Minister of Education and the head of the teachers' union, “Bassel Freihat”, and all the concerned parties to investigate this school, which abused these teachers, where they were arbitrarily expelled, in a humiliating way.

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