13.5 thousand people are unemployed in Kuwait


The Ministry of Social Affairs’ data of Kuwait confirmed that the number of unemployed people in Kuwait is 13.5 thousand citizens.

The data showed that although the poverty rate is low, many citizens resorted to loans to meet the life requirements. In fact, about 429 thousand people suffer because of their debts and loans, according to the latest data issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait, where the number of people who are really indebted is about 50 thousand citizens, by a debt of $ 200 million.

According to the data from the Ministry of Social Affairs, there are about 10 000 Kuwaiti families living in rented apartments. They do not own a house. According to the statistics of the Kuwaiti Statistics’ Department, the administration has set a minimum wage of $ 2 600 for a family of six members.

Commenting on the figures, the Kuwait University Professor of Economics, Abdullah Al-Kandari, said in a statement to “Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed”: "The expatriates represent the largest proportion of the poor class in Kuwait, where the poverty rate among the Kuwaitis themselves is very low. This is due to the Kuwait's great oil wealth and small population, where the number of citizens is about 1.3 million people. "

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