In 2015 Millennium Development Goals will expire. UN has launched a process of elaborating the post-2015 development framework that will replace the MDGs. The new framework is likely to be a new set of development goals, but their focus, scope and accountability mechanisms are still to be defined.

The domestic workers’ movement, a unique alliance of domestic workers’ unions and movements, national trade union centres, migrant, women and human rights groups, has campaigned in alliance since the adoption of ILO Convention 189 and the launch of the 12 by 12 Campaign, a campaign initiated by the ITUC in coordination with the International Domestic Workers Federation.

The Count Us In! campaign engages men and women to bring about change: more women in trade union leadership positions and concerted efforts to organise more women in unions.

The main objective of the Platform is to promote the organisation and recruitment of young workers in unions by mapping, sharing and promoting innovative and successful union strategies and activities. The Platform aims to build a global network of young trade union activists and organisers from the ITUC affiliates who are willing to:

Since 2008 the ITUC has been organising the World Day for Decent Work (WDDW) on 7 October. It is a day for mobilisation for all trade unions across the globe, from Fiji in the east to Hawaii in the west. Every year we have hundreds of activities in a hundred countries, carried out by millions of people.