Algeria: Train drivers paralyze trains for three hours


Algeria – Rail traffic witnessed delays on Monday as train drivers entered a sudden protest movement, denouncing the company's administration's delay in implementing its agreement with the National Federation of Railway Workers on the pay scale since last November, as well as the demand to upgrade the rank of the train driver. The protest began in the early hours of around 5:30 am, creating complete paralysis in the rail traffic and anarchy in the eastern and western stations of the suburbs. The national railway transport company, after three hours of total paralysis in the train traffic, announced in a statement posted on its official Facebook page the return of train trips normally starting at nine in the morning. A train from the capital to the city of Oran, around 8:30 am, was used to transport all passengers heading to the western suburb of the capital. The protest, according to many workers and their representatives, was due to the delay in the application of the agreement signed between the management of the National Railway Transport Company and the National Federation of Railway Workers. The same source said that the train drivers have asked the administration to intervene since March, in order to settle the situation as provided by applicable laws, but the company did not respond for more than 10 months, workers were forced to protest.

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