Constitutional meetings

The Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC)  holds its constitutional meetings as stipulated by the constitution on a regular and periodic basis, in order to consult with its affiliates in regards to the annual programs and plans of the ATUC and to implement the special recommendations that resulted from the meetings. The Arab Trade Union Confederation holds around a meeting to two meetings during the year to discuss the latest developments. 



Year 2014

Founding Congress  - Amman - October 2014

Executive Bureau Meeting- Marrakech - November 2014


Year 2015

Executive Bureau Meeting - Jordan - April 2015

Arab Trade Union Confederation presidency meeting - Jordan October 2015

Arab Trade Union Confederation General Council second meeting - Morocco - November  2015


Year 2016

Executive Bureau Fourth Meeting - February 2016

Financial audit committee - March 2016

Executive Bureau Fifth Meeting - November 2016

Presidency meeting- November- 2016

General Council third meeting - November 2016


Year 2017

Financial audit committee - March 2017

Executive Bureau Meeting sixth meeting - Jordan May 2017




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