Egypt: 282 unionists dismissed in less than two months for their union activities


Egypt – In less than two months, the number of arbitrarily dismissal reached  282 workers because of their union activities, in  July, Arab Swiss ASIC management dismissed 72 workers without giving reasons, the management of the African Company for Silos in Alexandria also laid off 200 workers without paying their salaries, in addition the management of ExxonMobil Alexandria Company dismissed one of its worker by telephone on 27 July, at the beginning of this month the management of Ceramica Cleopatra dismissed nine members of the union committee and prevented them from entering the company without giving legal reasons.

Arab Swiss company "ASIC" management dismissed 72 workers on July 11, without reasons and without paying their salaries, despite the fact that the contract contains a clause that ensure workers to get their rights according to the Social Insurance Law No. 79 of 1975 and the Labour Law No. 12 of 2003. Workers filed a complaint in labour ministry against the company's management as they ended their contracts without prior notice or legal reasons for dismissal.

The Africa Company for Silos dismissed 200 workers from the service department without getting paid, after the company informed employees that it would close its doors on July 30 for liquidation of Services Section, and the company promised these workers to transfer them to another company, and made them sign that they have received all financial dues.

One of the employees of the company Ahmed Samir Said that this is not the first time that the company dismiss a number of workers, pointing out that the company does that every now and then. “the company does not  take  into account the social conditions of the workers”.

"ExxonMobil" administration dismissed the treasurer of the Independent Union for workers without giving reasons, which he considered a clear violation. He added “this decision came because of our role as unionist to require the company to guarantee the rights of workers under the labour law in the new contracts.


Yasser Mahmoud said that the company has intentions to dismiss all members of the union committee, and began with me to intimidate the rest of the members of the union committee to stop their union activities, but the company's workers are angry and studying escalation in order to get their colleague back to work.

Ceramica Cleopatra's management fired nine of the company's employees, who are members of the Independent Union because of their refusal to waive the rights of workers in the profits and hazard pay and vacations and all kinds of incentives and meal allowance in 2012.

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