Egypt: The beginning of war on the independent trade unions after the ratification of the Trade Union Organization Act,


Yesterday, the administration of the subway company seized the headquarters of the independent trade union in the "Opera" station in "Dokki" neighbourhood. They changed the locks of the main door of the headquarters, declaring the illegality of the independent union.

The Labor Services House considered this behaviour as the beginning of a war against the independent trade unions ,one day after the parliament voting on the Trade Union Organization draft  before the law came into implementation ,waiting for the president signature of the law then publishing it in the official gazette.

The Chamber of Services declared its full solidarity with the right of the Egyptian workers to freely establish and organize their trade union without any interference, in accordance with the provisions of the Egyptian Constitution No. 76 and 93 and the international conventions 87 and 98. The Chamber of Services warned against the continuation of this authoritarian approach and the threatening of the union freedoms, which undermines the social stability of the country. Moreover, it called on the solidarity between the living forces of society and the independent trade unions instead of clashing and attacking each other.

Keeping in mind, that the Trade Union Organization draft has generated considerable controversy and objections by the independent trade unions and civil society organizations, as it maintains a single trade union organization that of the Egyptian trade union (governmental).

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