Egypt: dismissal of three unionist from “Sinmar” after their solidarity with their colleague



Egypt - The management of "Sinmar" company dismissed three trade unionists after their solidarity with a colleague who had suffered a work injury, and was detained at the hospital for not being able to pay the bill, the management told the injured worker that he had ended his treatment coverage allocated by the company. The trade union committee said in a statement: The hospital detained our colleague who was sick because he was not able to pay the bill and the company’s management wanted to take him out of the hospital although he needed medical care and said that they will not cover the hospital bill”. The committee confirmed that they have communicated with the management of the company to save the life of their sick colleague. The human resources manager informed them that he had exceeded the health insurance allocated to him by the company; the members of the union said that he will bear legal responsibility in the event of the exit of his colleague from intensive care. A memorandum was issued at the Ministry of Manpower in the interview of Mohamed Issa, the Dispute Resolution Officer at the Ministry, and at the Directorate of Manpower in Port Said. The members of the union continue to defend what they described as their rights and their dismissal is contrary to Law 35 of 1976 and its amendments in Article 48 "as they said.


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