Lebanon: Will the new government procedures stop the abuse of the offices recruiting domestic workers?



The Lebanese Ministry of Labour sent a memorandum to the Labour Inspection, Prevention and Safety department in Beirut and the regional departments in the governorates to call all the recruitment office for domestic workers for an investigation.  It shows that it is renting its license to others directly or indirectly, placing prior approvals or being a cover for any other person or offices or other companies that are not licensed or paid instead of the workers' salaries.

The Ministry of Labour confirmed on many occasions that it will be firm with the work offices that carry out abuses that may reach the suspension of licenses, while the questioners of trade unions and labour asked about the seriousness of the government in the follow-up of the offices that are responsible for the process of sale of prior approvals and license to others or receiving a salary allowance of workers.

#Lebanon: Will the new government procedures stop# the abuse# of the offices recruiting #domestic workers?


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