Morocco: AXA workers strike against the expel of some workers


Morocco – Workers at AXA Services Maroc carried out a national strike and a series of vigils after the failure of their representatives to engage in dialogue with the company's management about the collective labour dispute and the company's refusal to negotiate and mass expel of the members of the trade union bureau. The Rabat Regional Union of Trade Unions decided to suspend the strike and protests in front of the headquarters of the company on Thursday, April 13, in an attempt to allow the dialogue with the management of the company and negotiate to find a solution to the crisis that was triggered by the establishment of trade union office. A statement issued by the union said that the administration is responsible for the failure of the dialogue, as they announced that they will hold on to their decisions to expel the members of the trade union bureau because they established a trade union office, Despite the refusal of the Ministry of Employment to these decisions contrary to what the administration promoted after the meeting on Thursday.  The Rabat Regional Union of Trade Unions an escalation program, starting with a strike and vigils in front of the company's sites, until the demands of workers are met, including the immediate return of the expelled as it  “establish the social peace in this institution."

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