Morocco: Chefs at Taounate schools demand social protection


Morocco - The cooking workers in the various internal departments and restaurants belonging to the educational institutions of the Directorate of National Education, suffer difficult social conditions which sparked anger and resentment as they are unable to register in the National Fund for Social Security. Workers earn less than the minimum wage, and they suffer denial of compensation for holidays or work accidents, and failure to register in social security, and frequent exposure to the threat of dismissal from work. Cookers receive wages for only five hours a day in the interior sections and three hours in school restaurants, although they work long hours. Workers threatened to escalate, as they were preparing for a strike and intended to stop cooking meals, however they suspended the protest that was called by the Regional Office of the workers and cookers in the educational institutions of the National Union of Labour, to express their good faith after the union agreed with the company that is hiring those workers to hold a meeting to discuss the various outstanding problems.


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