Tunisia: Workers are celebrating the 65th anniversary of the assassination of the national and unionist leader Farhat Hashad


On 5 December 2017, the Tunisian General Labor Union  revived the 65th anniversary of the assassination of the national and unionist leader Farhat Hachad, who was assassinated by the French "red hand" gangs on December 5, 1952, on his way to the Union headquarters.
A number of unionists and friends of the Tunisian trade union, including jurists and politicians were gathered in “Mohamed Ali El Hami”’s yard, in Tunis. They raised slogans and signs calling for the completion of the Tunisian revolution’s goals: labor, freedom, national dignity and social justice.
This painful event marked a turning point in the history of the Tunisian trade union movement ,as well as for the struggle for national liberation against French colonialism. It was also a milestone in the path of labor and popular solidarity in the region and in the world at large.
Workers around the globe received the news of the treacherous assassination with great disdain and discontent. There were organized labor and trade union protests condemning the crime. Perhaps, the biggest one of these protests was the one of Casablanca ,on December 7-8, 1952, in which tens of thousands of people condemned the aggression and the bloodiness of the French colonialism ‘crime’. More than 40 martyrs and dozens of injured people from the Moroccan trade union were shot mercilessly and inhumanly.


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