The Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC) Developed these educational videos,as an interactive content that illustrates, in a simple way, workers' rights as stated in ILO conventions and recommendations.

Each video has a Yes/No quiz and a set of related Q&As, aiming to provide the training needed to the general public and professionals who are interested on labour and trade union issues, especially in the conflict-affected states in the Arab region, where trainees cannot join training workshops organized by the confederation.

دورالنقابات في الحد من تأثيرالمؤسسات المالية والدولية-impact of international financial institutions

The role of trade unions to reduce the impact of international financial institutions

الإقتصاد الإجتماعي والتعاونيات - The Cooperatives

This educational video is about the Cooperatives .

الاقتصاد غير المنظم - Informal Economy

This educational video is about the ILO's Recommendation 204 about changing from informal Economy to Formal economy .

تأثير المناخ على العمال ودور النقابات - Employment and Climate Change

This educational video is about the consequences of climate change on employment and the role and actions of Trade unions.

حقوق العمال ذوي الإعاقة في العمل اللائق - Employment for disabled persons

This educational video is about the ILO's (C159) Concerning "Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment for disabled persons" 

Social Dialogue Through History- الحوار الاجتماعي مسار تاريخي

A short documentary Video about the History of Social Dialogue, Produced by the Arab Trade union Confederation, within the SOLiD program launched on the 29 of september 2016. Funded by The European Union 

Freedom of Association

This educational Video is about the ILO Convention (87) on "Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise"


Employment Security

This educational video is about the ILO's (C158) concerning "Termination of Employment Convention"  and  (R143) concerning "Termination of employment Recommendation".

Collective Barganning

This educational video is about the ILO's (C154) Concerning "Collective Bargaining Convention" and (C098) concerning "Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention" ,  (R163) concerning "Collective Bargaining Recommendation" and "R091" concerning "Collective Agreements Recommendation"

Worker's representative

This educational video is about the ILO's (C135) concerning "Workers' Representatives Convention", and (R143)  Concerning "Workers' Representatives Recommendation"