Every Day

Tens of millions of
Arab citizens

Leave their homes for work! They face difficult conditions, with hard working jobs and little income, where those returning to their homes dream of better working conditions and salaries that enable them to support their families and live in decent conditions.


In many countries, democratic rights and freedoms are at risk. Unions play a key role in defending them..
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The world has three times more wealth today that over thirty years ago, yet our taxation systems are not fit for..
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The lack of ambition on climate change has the world heading towards more than 3.5 degrees above..
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Equality and equity at work is a core trade union value. Discrimination based on not only gender but also on class, race..
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The Arab Federation of Trade Unions Secretariat has established this site to contribute to supporting the basic rights of workers.

In view of the fragile situation of women and youth in the workplace in the Arab region, issues relating to the protection of women and youth from all forms of discrimination and exclusion, took up much space in the contents of this site. An electronic map has been devoted to monitoring the various violations committed against workers. In order to strengthen the trade unionist capacities, particularly among youth and women, the Executive Secretariat has focused on an e-training program. Read More

Online Education

The Arab Trade Union Confederation is implementing a new version of the electronic training system (E-Learning) through a YouTube channel including videos of conferences covering all legal issues and subjects related to union work.



On the official website of the Arab Trade Union Confederation, there is a comprehensive library that containing a collection of works related to the trade union work, and the economic, social and political circumstances and challenges of the Arab countries. The library is divided into seven major sections: "articles, books, reports, research papers, studies, theses and political papers".

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