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Sudan: An agreement between the Trade Union of Education Workers and the Ministry of Education in the Northern State puts an end to the strike

After the agreement between the Trade Union of Education Workers and the Ministry of Education, work has been resumed in all the Northern State this Sunday.   The meeting resulted in agreeing to give workers their financial rights for... View more


Libya: Doctors and auxiliary medical staff go on a strike

The medical and auxiliary medical trade unions in Libya called for a protest on Thursday, in front of the Council of Ministers in the capital, Tripoli. The Libyan Doctors’ Syndicate threatened to go on a strike in Libyan clinics, due to the... View more


Egypt: A bill to prepare Egyptian workers for the international labour market

A comprehensive plan studying the needs of the international labour market, preparing Egyptian workers for the international labour market, and providing them with support and protection has been announced. The plan includes cooperation, training, and... View more


Jordan: The General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions discusses the Social Security Law Bill

On October 13, the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions and representatives of employers and civil society institutions, discussed the amendments to the Social Security Law.   The meeting is part of a series of discussion dialogues... View more


Algeria: Meeting between the Minister of health and the National Syndicate of Public Health

The Minister of Health and Population and members of the National Syndicate of Public Health Practitioners held a meeting to discuss the concerns of public health workers.   In their presentation of the conditions and working conditions, the... View more


Egypt: Universal Group workers almost went back to protesting after the company failed to answer the agreement

Universal Group workers have ended their strikethat started due to the company’s failure to comply with the agreement concluded with the workers last Saturday. According to the agreement, workers will receive on Tuesday 12 October the remaining part... View more


Kuwait: Foreign migrant workers arrive within a week instead of months

The Federation of Foreign Schools announced that the approval of the government’s COVID-19 Committee on the commercial visa to bring in foreign workers allowed their arrival within a week. The process usually takes several months.  ... View more


Libya: The General Union of Oil and Gas Workers threatens to close oil sites

The General Union of Oil and Gas Workers, in a statement to the government, demanded the approval of an increase in the salaries of workers in the oil sector. The union expressed its dissatisfaction with the government’s policies of increasing the... View more


Jordan: Workers of Lafarge continue their protest

Workers and retirees of the Jordan Cement Factory protested in front of the Judicial Council on Sunday 10 October to call for the cancellation of the decisions taken on the company’s plants.   The protesters submitted a letter to the... View more


Algeria: Reduction in the tax on gross income for workers and civil servants

As part of the new draft finance law, the Ministerial Council has announced a reduction in the overall income tax for workers and civil servants.   The announcement came in a statement by the Council of Ministers following a meeting attended... View more