Turkey: Politics of "forced eviction" of Syrian refugees continues


The Turkish authorities continue to expel Syrian refugees by sending them back to the country they are fleeing because of war and death. Erdogan's government even went so far as to send Syrians back to areas that are still in conflict.

The 'Sky News Arabic' media reported, citing expelled Syrian refugees, that they are being kidnapped before being forced to sign documents for their return to Syria in areas still under conflict, such as Idleb governorate.

The speech so used by Ankara to serve his interests has quickly changed so that the Turkish authorities replace it with the question of the expulsion of refugees against whom criminal and other cases are being imposed. A version totally denied by the Syrians who gave their testimony.

For more than a month now, the Turkish authorities have launched campaigns to deport Syrian refugees either to their governorates of origin or to other Syrian cities, which has provoked great criticism. Syrians residing in Turkey have been victims of large-scale prosecutions as Turks continue to claim that refugees are the reason for the crisis in their country.

According to the Bab al-Hawa border post, about 6,000 Syrians have received deportation orders in recent weeks. For its part, the governorate of Istanbul set 20 August as the last deadline for Syrians with temporary protections to go to the other Turkish governorates to which they were initially assigned; all those who do not respect the deadline will be returned to the governorates by the agents of the Ministry of the Interior.

While the Turkish government continues to be criticized for this campaign, netizens relayed the photo of a Syrian child on the verge of boarding a refugee transport bus. The photo was taken earlier this month as the authorities boarded a group of refugees and sent them back to Idleb.