Is Egypt heading towards the return of its workers to Libya?


"Arm News" website reported Egyptian parliament member Mustafa Bakri as saying that no official date is set for Egyptian labor return to Libya.


As for the upcoming measures, it is expected that workers will be informed about the most dangerous places to avoid , and in the coming period it is planned to identify the most important sectors that need manpower.

Experts stress that there should be full and official data about every Egyptian worker traveling to Libya, in order to stop illegal migration and abort attempts by migration and labor trafficking brokers

As for deputy of the Defense and National Security Committee in the Egyptian Parliament Yehya Al-Kadwani, he confirmed that the issue of Egyptian workers' return to Libya is subject to some criteria, the most important of which is how much the situation is stable in the work sites that need this labor.

He considered that the current circumstances through which Libya is passing makes it "not ready" to receive Egyptian labor while conflicts still going on, but he added that the Libyan National Army has been able to cleanse parts of Libya, and these places are suitable for the return of workers. However, Egyptian workers must be warned not to approach the other places. ."

Worth to mention that tens of Egyptian workers were exposed during the last years to kidnapping, killing, threats and blackmail, a matter which have put authorities in both countries in trouble.

#Is Egypt heading# towards the return of its #workers to# Libya?