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Morocco- More than 150 professors took the employment examinations, which the Moroccan government was forced to approve last year in presence of trade unions and civil society activists to permanently employ  trainee professors. However, the government made them fail the exam in a retaliatory manner, so the trainees went out in protest amid massive public solidarity.
In an acceleration of the events and the steps taken by the national coordination of the trained professors, a protest was held in front of the National Center for Evaluation and Examinations in the capital Rabat on Friday, March 4, but it was broken in a tragic way after the security intervention, especially the incident that took place against one of the female trainees who was exposed to abortion.
One of the trainees said in a press statement: We demanded in this protest to see the exam papers of the trainees,   in order to find out the main reason why our colleagues failed the exams as we suspect that it was a arbitrary measures by the government especially as they were at the forefront of the struggle and in the dialogue committee and the most efficient. Despite the peaceful protests, we are surprised, like the rest of the human rights and followers of the file by the violent intervention of the police that caused several injuries varied in severity, added the same spokesman.
For her part, Amena Maa ALaynain, the parliamentarian of the Justice and Development Party demanded the ruling party in Morocco, to open an investigation into the incident of the abortion, which the trainee professor Safa Zouin was exposed to, during a security intervention to break a protest in front of the National Center for Evaluation and Examinations and guidance in Rabat, on March 3, stressing that the Violent security interventions harms the image of the country.
I have no data other than those that were reported by the media about aborting a professor during a violent security intervention, she said in a post on the social networking site Facebook. If true, it is unacceptable and requires an investigation .
She noted that the conclusions of the academic work on the subject of security governance in Morocco explained to her the efforts made in this framework through the integration of human rights training in various institutes of the formation of the security services as well as other configurations during practice. However, the positive effort remains insufficient as long as the images circulated abroad are offensive to the image of the country and reflect a policeman kicking a citizen causing the loss of her fetus, she said.
She said changing the reality is hard, but the state choice of rights and freedoms requires systematic and deep reviews.
 Safa Al-Zouwain was one of the injured in this violent intervention as she was brutally kicked in her abdomen and she fainted. She suffered pain for 6 days then she started bleeding and was transferred to the hospital for an abortion to save her life.
A protest was held after this incident, which brought together human rights organizations and trade unions, as well as citizens, demanding the opening of an investigation and holds the perpetrators accountable following the abortion of the trainee.
The angry participant in the protest held on Sunday evening by the National Coordination of Trainee professors in Morocco, carried banners saying: The file of the trainees, policy of continuous retaliation along with other banners said We will not forgive the killers, We will not forgive the criminals, enough killing, and baby killers.
The Coordination Committee considered what happened to  Safaa Al-Zouwain a dangerous precedent of its kind, which expresses a barbaric approach in dealing with peaceful protest movements. The professor lost her fetus due to beating, kicking.
 The trainee professors  held the state direct accountability  for committing a murder, as they not only aborted her right to work, but also aborted her right to have a baby. We hold the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of the Interior, along with the government and the Moroccan state full responsibility for the consequences of the complications that may befall Professor Safa El-Zouwain.
The government has pledged to implement a previous agreement with the trainee professors,  to employ the entire group, which includes 10,000, but has not kept its promise, said Mokhtar Omry, one of the trainees. He pointed out in his statement that the trainee professors will continue to protest until their demands are met. Mukhtar criticized police brutality that resulted in serious health complications on Safa al-Zouain, who lost her baby.
The Directorate General of National Security, denied in a statement, that a trainee professor was subjected to abortion during a security intervention to stop a protest in front of the National Center for Evaluation and Examinations and guidance in Rabat.
The Directorate said that police force began a regular work, on March 3, to clear the entrance of the center, after a number of trainee professors gathered in front of it in a way that prevented the entry and exit of staff.
This systematic action was made at the request of the Centers administration and focused on removing protesters from the main entrance to ensure the work of the public facility, without the use of force. However, four of the participants in this protest movement, including the presumed victim, claimed to have been fainting; and the civil protection vehicles had to transfer them to the hospital, which they left on the same day without recording any health complications, according to records held by the health institution. The Directorate said in its statement.
The source added that the allegations of violence resulting in an abortion have made the security in Rabat review the documents of this systematic action, and have not proven to use violence against the presumed victim, as she appeared in one of the videos  amid a crowd of colleagues before fainting, without any Direct friction with police.
The Directorate General of National Security explained that the medical certificate attached to the reference article dated March 9, 2017, that is, six days after the date of the systematic action and all operations performed under this regular act were the subject of a constitutional procedure referred to the competent judicial authorities.
It is worth mentioning that the trainee professors returned to protest in January when 150 of them dialed in the exams although the previous agreement with the government and unions in April provides the success of all 10,000 trainees. Six unions in Morocco announced their solidarity with the trainees and participated in their protest in March.
The teachers were mainly protesting the governments decision in July 2015 to separate the training from recruitment, and the need to pass an exam at the end of the training period and to obtain a diploma in educational qualification for employment in the public sector, but in the past professors used to be recruited immediately after the training period is over.