200 workers threatened with arbitrary dismissal in the Central Electricity Generating company (CEGCO) in Jordan


The CEGCO workers’ trade union asked the government to intervene regarding the expected firing of about 200 workers. The 200 include those who work in the Aqaba Thermal Power Station and some of its departments in Mafraq and Amman. CEGCO unexpectedly threatened to dismiss them from work.

Al-Ghad newspaper reported that the company’s management justified its decision, announcing that it will “close the Aqaba Thermal Power Station, at the beginning of next month, following the end of its services.” The newspaper also quoted sources from the administration that the layoff decision will be issued within a few days, noting that there are no other options.

In contrast, the union refuses the arbitrary dismissal of workers, especially since the government owns 49% of the shares of the company. Thus, the government is required to intervene to protect the worker. Moreover, the union stresses that the majority of the workers threatened with dismissal have been working for years in the station. In fact, their age is below the age of early retirement, as it ranges between 30 to 45 years, and they suffer from miserable financial conditions.


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