Algeria / “Al-Rouiba”: The railway workers protest



The workers of the Directorate General of the National Corporation of Railways in the eastern part of the capital entered in protest movements in which hundreds of workers from different branches of the corporation took part to ask the president and the general manager of the National Railways Company to retract the decision to dismiss the current director of the company for the company’s stability.

The trains’ traffic stopped completely at the eastern level of the capital, with a movement in the western region, where the workers raised slogans condemning the decision of the Director-General, which they considered as breach of the stability of the company, which sees a significant improvement in terms of management, since taking over the current director of the position.

The workers of the Directorate who were on strike confirmed their commitment to continue their protests until the decision to end the duties of the director of the company is cancelled or at least the appointment of a new director from within the company, which includes hundreds of cadres, who contributed to the construction of the company, confirming their categorical rejection of any name from outside the institution.

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