Algeria: 'Bad Nat' workers without wages for three months


The cleansing and disinfection society 'Bad Nat', which administratively falls under the services of the municipality of Bir El Djir in the governorate of Oran, is experiencing great social tensions after the workers, deprived of their wages for three months, have observed a week-long strike. The workers protested against the departments of the governorate that failed to meet their commitments to resolve the financial crisis of the company.

In statements given to local media, the workers explained that after spending a whole week picking up the garbage that invaded the city after the strike, they realized that the governorate departments did not take any initiative to resolve the situation and unlock the wages.

The protesters claim that the company can benefit from its commercial character in order to register new money, the reinforcement of human resources and the mechanisms of control of the collection of waste in the urban pole 'Belgaid'.