Algeria / Tebessa: The phosphate mine workers are angry


About 1 400 workers from the Somifos Phosphate Mine at " Bir Al-Atar" launched an open-ended strike to ask for a number of professional and social rights since 8 April.

The protesters are asking for an increase by 80 per cent in the basic wages, an increase in the fatigue and rubbish grants, as well as an increase in the risk grant by 18 per cent, an increase by 60 per cent for the night shift, the provision of a food allowance by 600 dinars ($ 5) and an annual increase by 50 per cent .

They are also asking for a 60 percent increase in the geographical area grant, the review of the annual leaves or the geographic region from 45 days to 60 days, as well as, the need to keep the relative and prior retirement formula for the difficult nature of the work. Moreover, they are asking for an increase in the end of service allowance from 24 to 36 months at least, and their exemption from the monthly income tax, which was supposed to be cancelled, years ago.

The workers stressed the need to improve the working conditions at all levels and to promote the company to achieve all the necessary development in all areas, with the activation and implementation of all the provisions on social services for the benefit of everyone.

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