Algeria: The education sector on strike


The Union of Education Workers in Algeria began Monday, a general strike in all institutions of the country to protest against the state of the sector and against the authorities who refuse to respond to repetitive demands of unions. The unions called for reviewing the shortcomings in the basic workers' law in the sector by reclassifying teachers into three phases at the same basic levels by separating the principal teacher from the assistant in accordance with the standards of classification and standardization of levels basic.

The union also called for the revision of working hours for primary school teachers, the immediate and retroactive application of Presidential Decree 266/14, a solution for primary trainees after 03/06/2012 and change in promotion decisions.

In its statement, the Union of Education Workers in Algeria called for the creation of an honorary post in primary school, to exempt teachers from supervising pupils in playgrounds and restaurants, to revive specialization in primary education, the activation of occupational medicine and the unconditional right to early retirement.