Amid the neglect of its leaders: delayed financial dues and salaries of Egypt Trade Union Federation’s employees


Egypt Trade Union Federation’s employees expressed their anger after the announcement of the names of the labour delegation participating in the ILO conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The list includes many participants. In fact, the union pays the cost of travel, which exceeds $ 250 per day during the conference period.

In the past few months, the union has faced many crises because of the non-payment of salaries, incentives and the renumerations of its employees in the main headquarter, in Cairo and in the various governorates, which organized protest vigils and threatened to strike.

These crises come at a time when the number of the official delegation members involved 14 people, in addition to about 15 other trade unionists, who travel, at the expense of their unions.

The employees stressed in their protest vigils that the union is going through difficult financial conditions, as their salaries are barely paid , in the absence of the disbursement of the grants for five months, adding that they have not yet enjoyed the grants of the past May Day, the month of Ramadan, a month and a half of last October, and two months for the next Eid.

Others said that they had not been granted a year and a half ago, and that they hadn’t had the incentive for a year. Moreover, they stressed that the Federation’s leaders are only concerned with their positions and do not even think of finding solutions to meet the employees’ needs, especially in light of the harsh conditions they are living.

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