Assault on female unionist sparks employee protest at the Social Development Agency in Laayoune, Morocco


The Social Development Agency’s (SDA) employees organized in the city of Laayoune, on Thursday, a protest in front of agency’s regional coordination headquarters, expressing their anger against their miserable situation.

The SDA’s National Union regional office condemned the silence of the agency's administration regarding an assault on one of its female members by the Regional Coordinator in Laayoune at the beginning of this month.

The regional office of the SDA’s National Union (a member of the Moroccan Workers' Union) expressed in a statement its condemnation of the agency administration’s indifference regarding this incidence, considering it as “a violation of one of the agency’s main values, which is the promotion of women’s dignity”.

The unionists of the Regional Coordination, in Laayoune confirmed they rejected the restriction of trade union freedoms, calling for the restoration of the victim’s dignity. The victim had been subjected to a series of insultats, harassment and provocations by the Regional Coordinator, on the 9th of July, in Laayoune.

The regional office called on the director of the SDA to send a commission to investigate the incident and other abuses recorded in the Regional Coordination office. Moreover, it called on the Minister of Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development, Bassima Al-Hakawi, to put an end to trade union restrictions and attacks and bullying of unionists.

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