Bahrain: Delayed wages in the construction and building sector and the targeting of the union right


The General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions issued a statement on the delay in the payment of wages, particularly in the construction sector, and on the violations of union leaders and trade union organizations’ freedoms and trade union rights at various work sites and in different sectors. The General Federation highlighted the Minister of Labor and Social Development statement on the number of cases with delayed wages, which amounted to thousands, according to his statement. This, this situation needs to be settled through reaching sustainable and efficient solutions to the problem of the non-payment of the workers’ wages.

The General Federation asked in its statement about the fate of the programs to protect wages announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the follow up of their transfer to the workers’ bank accounts. It also highlighted that this program is already in force in the neighboring countries, including the United Arab Emirates, where the system strictly monitors any employer who do not pay his workers’ wages through the electronic system. In addition, it stressed to seek solutions such as wage insurance or bank guarantee to protect the wages of workers in financial insolvency conditions, so that workers do not fall as preys to the financial difficulties, especially in the construction sector.

On the other hand, the General Federation strongly condemned the harassment of union leaders and trade unions in many workplaces, especially in the aviation sector. It pointed out to what happened in one of the companies in the aviation sector, where the union headquarters have been changed in addition to the abolition of the mechanism of collective bargaining, the reduction in the health insurance benefits and the cut of the automatic deduction of the union fees from the members with feeble arguments, considering it as a targeting for the trade union action.

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