Egypt: 'Eastern Company’ workers released on bail


On October 14, the city prosecutor's office of October 6 ordered the release on bail of 17 workers of 'Eastern Company'; a deposit of 1000 pounds for each worker was decided.

The ‘Eastern Company' workers organized, on October 10, a protest rally at the headquarters of the company to demand the dismissal of the president, Hani Aman, and the delegate member, Imed Eddine Mustapha. The protesters also demanded an increase of the daily premium to 220 pounds per month, the collective premium to 900 days a year, the premium of the nature of the work to 75% for the workers and to 50% for the administration and the tenure contractors.

The workers also called for the health insurance system to be revised and the premiums for 2014 and 2015 to be included in the base salary. Following the end of the rally, the workers were taken prisoner by the police who arrested several protesters before transferring them to the city's public prosecutor's office on October 6 where they were accused of inciting strikes and production blocking.

Following this arrest, the protests were kept in the company to support the orders.