Egypt : The parliament amends the law on Trade Union Organization


The Egyptian parliament approved the law draft on the Trade Union Organization’s law concerning the amendment of the Law No. 213/2017. The draft was proposed by the depute Sherine Farrag and supported by the government and many other deputes.

The House of Representatives’ Chairman announced that the draft will be presented to the State Council to be reviewed before the final vote.

The amendments are as following:


(a) A Union Committee inside a company/establishment can only be formed with a minimum of 50 workers/members, whereas the previous law required 150 worker/members.

(b) A General Labor Union can only be established with a number of not less than 10 union committees (instead of 15) representing - at least- 15,000 workers/members, (instead of 20,000).

(c) A Labor Union Federation can be established with a number of not less than 7 General Labor Unions representing (instead of 10) - at least - 150,000 (instead of 200,000) workers/members.


The draft cancelled the article 67 about the jail sanction and reinforced the fines ‘sanctions. The articles 68 and 76 list fines only, and no jail time; and the articles 69, 70, 72 and 75 have been cancelled.


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