General strike begins in Lebanon


The general strike, which has been called by Lebanese activists, has officially started since yesterday morning across the country to denounce corruption, unemployment, rising prices and poor quality of services. Recall that activists called for a general strike throughout Lebanon last Monday and this in order to maintain pressure on the authorities.

In Beirut, Tripoli, and other Lebanese cities and towns, protesters took to the streets to light bonfires, chant, and participate in rallies against the government.

Protests continued to spark massive demonstrations up and down the country on Sunday.

The eastern route of the Jal El Dib highway was closed, as demonstrators gathered in huge crowds, raising Lebanese flags and insisting on staying in the street until the government is toppled while maintaining a peaceful movement.

The mass protests were triggered on Thursday in part by a plan to tax calls on WhatsApp and other messaging services.

The government quickly dropped the tax, but the protests have morphed into wider demands for reform.