Important agreements between the President of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Libya and the Italian government


Nermin Al-Cherif, the President of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Libya, agreed on Monday with representatives of the Italian government in Rome to return the shipping lines to work in the port of Benghazi. Among which the shipping line "Amnesia Olayen" and its agent, "Shahat" company, one of the troubled companies in Libya because of the departure of the shipping lines.

During the negotiations, Nermin Al-Cherif ordered the return of the same agent, "Shahat" company, which workers belong to the General Federation of Trade Unions in Libya.

Nermin also agreed with the government’s representatives to contribute to the reformation of the University of Benghazi (Garyounis), which includes a department of Italian language.

The two parties agreed also that the Italian government will contribute to the restoration of several buildings in the center of the country, especially the historical buildings, as well as the return of the Italian companies to Libya from construction companies, and others to work on the reconstruction of Benghazi and the return of these companies , in order to open many opportunities for the youth, as more than 40% of the workers will be Libyans.

Nermin Al-Cherif said in her official Facebook page that she will meet soon with the Italian consul in Benghazi to work and agree to follow up all these agreements.

In fact, this meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the general situation of Libya, especially the current military tension in Tripoli. Al-Cherif presented her view of combating terrorism for this democratic civil state. Moreover, she stressed that the federation is currently preparing for a local and international conference in Libya for dialogue.

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