In Algeria: A police officer ordered the arrest of a journalist and three activists and undressed them forcibly


The judicial police officer of the municipal security department of Baraqi, Algiers, ordered yesterday at about 10 pm to bring a female police officer from her house, out of the time of work, to inspect a journalist and three activists, who were arrested along with a number of activists, who planned to hold a demonstration in front of the Central Postal Square.

The journalist, the victim of the incident, revealed in media statements that her bag and the bags of her fellow detainees were initially examined by the police despite the attempts to prevent them, but they could not resist especially after being insulted by obscene words.

The journalist, who is the representative of programs on Radio Raj, said that she stayed until 10 pm with her colleagues, until the arrival of a vailed female police to search them. She asked them to take off all their clothes including the underwear. This scene sparked a widespread discontent among people.

For his part, an activist from the "Raj" organization revealed that he was severely harassed by the security forces during the arrest, which was proven by the video that circulated on the pages of social networks, where he got a medical certificate in anticipation of any lawsuit.

Waiting for the opening of an administrative investigation, in addition to another one by the judicial authorities to achieve justice, human rights activists remain the primary target of all security services.

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