Jordan: 94451 inspections in establishments during 2018


The Ministry of Labour carried out a joint inspection with the security forces in the city of Jerash where they found 38 migrant workers, while the ministry’s spokesman said that workers holding valid work permits will be released.

The local media reported that a number of employers held a strike in front of Jerash, last Friday to protest against a campaign carried out by the Ministry of Labour, which arrested 38 migrant workers, asserting that the campaign caught legal workers.

The Ministry of Labour carried out 94451 inspections to establishments during 2018, resulting in the deportation of 7146 migrant workers, who violated the Labour Law. The number of permits for the registered migrant workers with the Ministry of Labour in the first quarter of the current year reached 80 971 work permits, of which 59052 for males and 21919 for females.

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