Jordan: Suspension of Some Provisions of the Social Security Law


Social Security Corporation spokesperson, Moussa Al-Subaihi, spoke about suspending the application of old-age insurance to workers in private sector facilities for a period of three months from March 1, 2020.

Al-Subaihi said in a media statement after the government announced Defense Order No. 1 and the suspension of work in some provisions of the Social Security Law, that the decision gives the facility the option to exclude all or some of its employees from old age insurance in exchange for their continued inclusion in disability and death insurance, work and maternity leave and unemployment.

According to Al-Subaihi, this results in reducing the percentage of the contributions that it and its employees have from (21.75%) to (5.25%).

According to the spokesperson, they made it possible for Jordanian insureds working in the private sector who are suspended for old age insurance to opt-in for this period.

The Corporation will also give establishments the option to install the contributions due and without arranging the instalments interest on them, provided that they are paid over a period that extends until the end of 2023.

Al-Subaihi also affirmed that these measures are part of the government’s directions to overcome the current situation and help the private sector to overcome economic and financial burdens in such difficult circumstances.


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