Jordan: Working poor's wage average stands at 250 dinars a month


The national social protection strategy (2019-2025), recently initiated by the government, has shown that the average wage of the working poor is 250d per month ($ 353) while the workers spend a large part of their remuneration for transportation.

In this context, Jordan's 'Al Ghad' newspaper reported that half of the working poor are active in the informal sector and are therefore not covered by social security. According to the media, stable but unregulated employment in terms of social security coverage increased between 2010 and 2016 from 20% to 24% of all workers. Irregular labor (not subscribed to social security because of the work nature ) increased by 1 to 8%.

The strategy also revealed that the rise of the active labor force in the informal sector has been accompanied by ineffective government policies vis-à-vis foreign workers without scientific qualifications and poorly paid (the quota of foreigners has increased from 16 % in 2004 to 36% in 2015). And to add that foreign workers who settle in Jordan without their families are more available to work long hours and to reside on the premises of their work, unlike Jordanians.