Kuwait: Indian domestic workers victim of exploitation and trafficking


The Kuwaiti newspaper 'Al-Qabas' has reviewed the conditions of some Indian domestic workers who are hired on time; an illegal contract especially since the people come to Kuwait following agreements signed with employment agencies for a sum of 300 dinars.

The paper explained that these workers are forced to pay several expenses, that they are housed in indecent homes and that they work under underpaid contracts. 'Al-Qabas' has quoted government sources as saying that these workers are difficult to count and that their work, under contracts per hour, is more like trafficking in human beings.

Other workers told the newspaper that once they arrived in Kuwait, they were forced to refuse the contracts offered by the employment agencies; contracts of more than 10 hours of work per day for wages not exceeding 100 dinars per month.

Other sources told the paper that inspectors from the General Labor Force Inspectorate conduct daily visits to projects, shopping malls, parallel markets and other institutions to counteract informal employment. The same sources claimed that over 35% of the workers arrested are domestic workers.