Kuwait: MP calls for deporting certain categories of foreign workers


A member of the Kuwaiti Parliament called for the expulsion of certain categories of foreign workers and blacklisted them so that in future they could not return to Kuwait to protect the country's societal composition.

The member explained her request that the average foreign worker in Kuwait has reached "dangerous rates" which has caused a significant imbalance in the country's societal composition and an increase in the crime rate.

The member proposed the expulsion of all those whose residence permit is out of date, those who work without a kefil, those who work in a different sector from the one on which they obtained their work permit, those who work, directly or indirectly, on their own account, construction workers aged over 40 or suffering from an illness or disability, teachers and public school workers. She added that when the foreign worker was deported, his family had to leave with him and indicated that all those who had a legal verdict (even in the case of amnesty) or conduct violations, should leave the country after paying a fine of 500 dinars.

In the parliamentary proposal, it was stated that the worker's name will be placed on a blacklist so that he cannot return to Kuwait. In addition, anyone who assists an irregular migrant (for housing or other) will be punished while the period of stay for foreign workers has been set at five years renewable to five others. The stay abroad must also be based on its skills and academic level.