Lebanon: The violation of the economic and social rights and the targeting of the trade union freedoms


The National Union of Trade Unions and Employees announced the authority’s violation of their rights, including their deprivation of their salaries, pensions and social allowances. In addition, the authorities keep evading from the raising in the minimum wage in the private sector, as well as the transportation allowance.

In its statement, the union pointed out that the budget came to undermine the rights of low-income workers, employees and retirees, in violation of the public office, the guarantor institutions, the National Social Security Fund, the State Employees Cooperative and other guarantors.

The union pointed in its statement that "in light of the confrontation of the authorities’ policies by workers, employees, retirees and popular groups, the ruling coalition violates the public freedoms and trade union freedoms in particular to repress the trade union movement.

The union expressed that the infringement of the trade union freedoms was not new. It has already started with the authorities and its political parties with all its affiliations with the national labour union, which weakened the trade union movement and its role in defending the workers' rights.

The National Union warned the authorities of the continuation in violating the trade union freedoms and asked them to speed up the adoption of the International Convention (87) on the Trade Union Freedoms and the formation of trade unions instead of threatening the Minister of Labor with Article 105 of the Labor Code to dissolve the unions.

Moreover, it pointed out that in case of the continuation of this infringement, it will resort to escalate its movement in all forms, especially regarding the trade union freedoms in the International Labor Organization, which has previously submitted a complaint before, in this regard.

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