The Lebanese Ministry of Labor denies introducing a special form for workers including their religious doctrines


The Lebanese Ministry of Labor denied "Al-Jadeed Channel" broadcast on Sunday about the update of a form issued by the ministry under the title "Statement of employees and workers names ", which is filled annually by private companies by adding a field about doctrine to it.

The Ministry of Labor confirmed that the model adopted for the form is very old and goes back to previous decades, and this form was not updated during Minister Kamil Abu Suleiman's assumption of his duties and no box related to doctrine was added.

The ministry noted in a communiqué that employees have been asking companies that come to the ministry for several years not to fill out the field concerning doctrine

The report made it clear that "Minister Abu Suleiman has been involved since his arrival at the Ministry of Labor to mechanize it, and there is an urgent project that works for converting paper forms into electronic data with the necessary modifications", stressing that "while awaiting for mechanization, we will not only delete the doctrine field manually but we will reprint the paper forms without this box.

At the end of its communiqué the ministry said : "We confirm that sectarian affiliation has nothing to do with employment opportunities and our practices are always based on scientific and legal standards, away from any sectarianism."


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