Morocco: Campaigns Calling for the Opening of Public Halls for Migrants and Displaced Persons


Many organizations have started organizing initiatives to urge citizens to pay attention to hygiene, food and clothing to all homeless African migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, and those homeless in the streets of the Kingdom.

These initiatives confirm the difficult conditions that this group is undergoing amid Coronavirus outbreak. Such situation requires intervention to avoid further infections. These conditions could mean transferring the epidemic to a large number and forming virus clusters which could lead to its transfer to passers-by or people working in the vicinity of places inhabited by the homeless and migrants.

The “Hesspress” news website reported the continuation of some sporadic movements during the imposition of a “state of health emergency” at the level of the capital Rabat, and related to car guards and vagrants, while migrants from sub-Saharan Africa remain stationed in their place in the “Bab Shala” square, throughout the day, waiting for Faraj Stability or “European paradise”.

This category is experiencing an exceptional panic during the current period, due to the intensification of news about the spread of the Coronavirus, which prompted many associations to initiate a series of campaigns to demand the shelter of the displaced, with the authorities in “Inezgane” interacting with them by opening the covered hall of the city to host them in healthy conditions, according to statements to “Hesspress” News site.

In exchange for the authorities’ commitment to take similar steps in many cities, civil society organizations went out to provide these migrants and the homeless with cover, water, soap and alcoholic sterilizers in the cities of Casablanca, Agadir and Tiznit , calling for the initiative to be circulated, and for civil society to support these people until overcoming the pandemic.

It is noteworthy that Morocco is home to more than 4.000 displaced persons, including 250 children, according to official figures for the year 2018, roaming the streets of the Kingdom, while civil societies estimate the number of children is between 30.000 and 50.000 children.

Until the moment, the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and Family, or the guardianship authorities of the sector, have not issued any instructions to protect this group from the threat of the Coronavirus. Many individuals are exposing themselves to a high risk of the pandemic to make ends meet, according to statements to “Hespress” website.


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