Morocco: The social security sanatoriums are threatened with closure and thousands of workers are threatened of unemployment


The coordinators’ trade union federation of the social security sanatoriums decided to launch a general strike in front of all the social security sanatoriums on Thursday, 23 May 2019

The federation, which belongs to the Moroccan Workers’ Union, called on the government, the Ministry of Finance and the administration to expedite in the development of a program and schedule to arrange the adequate solutions for the current situation. Moreover, it pointed out in a communiqué to the neglect, indifference and mismanagement, which aggravated the problems and make most of these sanatoriums today under the threat of closure, which affected the social security’s reputation.

Besides, the federation revealed also the administrative decisions, the administration’s mismanagement and its neglect of the sanitations, as well as the government and the Ministry of Finance's disregard regarding the regress of its human resources and services, in order to push it to bankruptcy to be exploited by the health traders.

In the same context, the union considered the position of the treasurer in charge, as against the addressing of the problems, which resulted in the alienation of the permanent doctors and nurses through the non-payment of their salaries, as well as the absence of the basic facilities. In addition, the Ministry of Finance refuses to provide the necessary human resources.

The federation confirmed that this situation led the nurses and doctors to forcibly abandon their work, causing damage to these sanatoriums’ reputation, as well as the regression of patients, in preparation for their closure; despite their efficiency and high-quality proved by the World Health Organization.

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